Posted on May 14, 2020

Alfredo Diamond Realtor at Better Homes and Gardens FRG

This property was a sleeper right from the start featuring original hardwood floors, customer cabinets and sheriff goslin roof. This was my clients last property that she need me to unload for her. She really would of liked to move back into this one. But at 85 years old steps just weren't ideal.

So we priced the property below market value for a quick sale at $76,000. After 2 weeks we had accepted an offer for full price. Only for the buyers to not be able to recieve financing 3 days prior to closing. My client was bummed. We got through that one and it seemed like it just wasn't meant to sell for us.

We went through, 2 price reductions, an extension and 4 other preapproved buyers only to be disappointed by financing issues with those buyers. Finally the previous buyer we were able to hang in there and get her credit in shape to requalify with in 45 day turn around. Now this one is finally pending and after extending the listing we are on track to close this one at the end of the month. Perseverance and positive attitude were keys in this one. My fingers are crossed until then.

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